Light and Dark Stereotypes of Kharmii

When Is A Monster Not A Monster?

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Kharmichael Groubbenheber
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Photobucket wants to charge hundreds of dollars to hyperlink images now. I've switched to Flickr. I never update this thing, so I doubt I'll put all the old content back up.

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I used to have an Encyclopedia Dramatica article but someone erased it because I'm just too ordinary. X-( I've been kicked out of several communities: stupid_free for bullying the bullies and useless_facts for pushing a conservative agenda back at the socialists who pushed their socialist agenda on me. Good old tit-for-tat! X-D Oh wait...they've let me back in stupid_free. Masochists! -Or maybe I'm good for ratings. Nevermind, I'm back out for that post making fun of the feminists and their trigger warnings. Also, my nemesis dhendrikson420 got me banned from liberal_talk, and I've never even left a comment there! DAMN YOU HENDRIKSON!! Uh oh.....and now I'm banned from sf_drama for....posting macros and pimping my art?!? Now I'm banned from customers_suck and I've never been a member. The pc police must be taking extra precautions. LOL! Oh, and I was banned in politicartoons because I wasn't subtle enough in my trolling. I hope that's all. I'm not on here enough to keep track well. Now I'm banned from ontd_political, popular request from other members. Latest is that I was banned from grrm's personal journal because the term 'sjw' seems to be synonymous with the n-word in his eyes. :-P

My Deviantart Account
Pokemon Cards
Check out my deviantart pages! The first has more of my fine-art studies; less cartoony mayhem. The second is a display of the Pokemon cards I made for my little brothers.

In this crazy virtual world, I'm known as Kharmii the Three Headed Monster. I'm a human when I hang out with my friends at the carnival and my family pretty much every other day. I'm the wolf in my isolation, where I enjoy the lack of awareness that comes through 'everyday zen' or the blissful art of everyday living. I'm the wraith when pain pushes me out of my body and into the void, where I must rely on the rhythm of a beating heart to guide me back to earth. -But I've always believed I've had the ability to be happy, even when I was a child. Even before I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and even before my weaknesses taught me to take nothing for granted.....but were we not saved some 2000 years past, before we were even born?

Kharmii Drawings:
Public Relations Propaganda-Hey there! Read my PR write-up in order to know the 'real me'! X-D
Kharmii Tha Nihilist- I'm Kharmii the villainous internet terrorist! Don't let my wicked expression fool you; I'm a rather vulnerable individual.
Little Dick Truck- Because I was so upset over having my ED article erased that I had to feel like more of a man....
Mr. Pissant- The world is full of people who want to be someone, but I'm content to be an unassuming entity.
Netherworld Gate- I struggle to awaken as my souls bicker over my possible future.
Poor Jaded Kharmii- I'm normally a peace-loving guy, however, I'm in my violent, grotesque form here.
Kharmii's Room- This is my wraith form. It lives in my chest and takes over during times when pain damages my souls.
Happy-Go-Lucky Hell- I almost died and went to hell when I turned 19. That is why I'm trying to be a better Christian.
Wraith Kharmii- Suspended in the void, I struggle to breathe as the crushing voices bombard me from all sides.
Kharmii Forces His Soul- I no longer stare into the void, rather I now stare out of it.
Kharmii's Mask- I wear the mask of the troll, but I'm really a weak, scared child who is still trying to figure things out.
Kharmii's Hysteria- It may seem I'm crying, but actually I'm laughing so hard I can barely breathe. The angel is impatient with my twisted sense of humor.
Kharmii's Prostitution- A look of what I could have looked like, were I stronger. I still wouldn't prostitute my work, however..
Kharmii and the Troll Mama- Kharmii is always trolling on the internet, so perhaps a troll should find him endearing.

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